Bella Hadid channels her inner Christina Aguilera in tiny crop top & lace-up pants

Kylie Jenner’s not the only one channeling her inner Christina Aguilera lately. Bella Hadid took a page from the the singer’s early 2000s style playbook at a party celebrating her Paper magazine cover this weekend, wearing lace-up pants, a matching jacket, and the tiniest black crop top. And you guys, she looked fresh AF.

Bella wore a similar lace-up jacket from designer Wesley Berryman in her Paper spread — and Keke Palmer also wore the coat while strolling through New York last week! — but we loved that she added a pair of matching pants, because they reminded us so much of the chaps Christina wore in her “Dirrty” video nearly 15 (!!) years ago. Paired with the slickest one-sleeve, wrap-around crop top and braids that were also reminiscent of Christina’s “Dirrty” look, the ensemble was all kinds of badass.


She looked incredibly confident all night — the sign of a perfect outfit.

Like we said, fierce AF.

Christina’s iconic, unforgettable look was slightly different, but definitely radiated the same sexy, give-zero-effs air that Bella was giving off at her party.

Bella clearly had a blast at the party, which included a performance by her friend Justine Skye…

…and tons of congratulatory cuddles with her friends.

So sweet.

The Paper feature reveals that Bella wants to pursue acting at some point, though she tends to keep that wish to herself. “I’m really superstitious,” she said. “I have so many goals [but] most of the time I like to keep them to myself.”

We also learned from the spread that Bella can rock pretty much any look, donning platinum blonde hair for the artsy, creative shoot.

This girl never ceases to inspire us!

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