Bella Hadid got super blunt bangs for a whole new 2017 look

Starting off the new year with a new lewk is an impulse we totally understand. Unfortunately for most of us mere mortals, it doesn’t usually go as well as it did for Bella Hadid, who debuted bangs on Snapchat and is obviously TOTALLY killing this whole 2017 game right out of the gate. We expect Bella to be uber stylish and always on point, ’cause she is, but we’re especially into her daring new bangs. They’re super short, super blunt, and if we’re honest, we would never have guessed somebody could pull them off so well…but she’s totally SLAYING.

Celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin snapped the pic of Bella and her friend, and we’re super glad Bella isn’t the one with the dog ears, because then we wouldn’t have been able to see her bangin’ bangs.


The idea of getting bangs is daunting for any girl. After all, unlike soooo many things we subject our hair to, bangs are one thing that you can’t immediately take back if you don’t like them. It’s a painstaking process of growing them back out, and dealing with the awkward in between phases when you look like Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You so we have to commend Bella for her bravery.

Luckily for the model, her bangs look KILLER so we’re not really worried about her regretting the decision. And if she does, we def love it enough for all of us.

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