Bella and Gigi Hadid tear up talking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and awwww

Gigi and Bella Hadid get a lot of flak being two of the top models in this social media age. But time and time again they prove that with determination, a lot of hard work, being humble, and not apologizing for what you want makes dreams come true. So of course when we watched the Hadid duo tear up talking about the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show we couldn’t help but feel super proud! We mean seriously, it’s an amazing thing watching people’s dreams come true.

Not only will this show be extra special for Gigi Hadid because it was her second time walking and she got her wings, but it is also the first time that a pair of sisters walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show together. So of course the two were bound to get a bit emotional talking about their childhood dream to be in the show!

Both of the girls dominated the catwalk several times. Bella graced the stage during the “Secret Angels” portion of the show. For her first outfit she wore a grayish-blue lacy lingerie number with a long, matching robe. In her second look she wore a diamond-encrusted, see-through top and undies with a pair of matching wings.

Gigi’s look was a lot bolder than her sister’s, which isn’t surprising since she is now a veteran! For the “Road Ahead” segment she wore a colorful red-hued ensemble and then came back out for the “Dark Angel” portion of the show donning a super edgy black ensemble, angel wings and knee-high boots.

"I am so proud of [Bella] for getting this show because she worked so hard. [And] for us to be able to do it together, and be the first sisters in the show, we're really, really honored."

We’re so proud of the girls and can’t wait to see what shows they get to walk in 2017!

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