You can now buy Bella’s “Twilight” engagement ring for a price that has us coffin

Attention Twilight fans: hi. Also, you can now buy Bella Swan’s engagement ring, which means you’ll basically be engaged to Edward Cullen. The ring (along with many other Twilight items) is up for auction, so now fans can bid on a piece of Twilight movie history.

That is… if you feel like shelling out thousands of dollars. ?


Prop Store and Summit Entertainment are holding a two-day auction for over 900 original props, costumes, and set decorations used in the movies. Many of the items, like Bella’s bedroom desk and Edward’s hunting raincoat, start at $50, while the bids on other items like Edward’s crest cuff and Bella’s charm bracelet start at $1,000. (I don’t know about you guys, but it’s raining today in Los Angeles (or at least it did for a few minutes this morning), so Edward’s raincoat might be at the top of my list.)

The bid for Bella’s bloodstained nightmare wedding dress and veil starts at $750, and it’s estimated to sell for $1,500-$2,000. But if you’re in the market for a wedding dress, that price isn’t terrible — especially if you’re a major Twilight fan and don’t mind a little (OK a lot) of fake blood.


But the most exciting item for sale, by far, is Bella’s engagement ring. Because hellloooo, who wouldn’t want to be pretend-engaged to Edward?

The bidding starts at $1,500 for the ring, and it’s estimated to go for $3,000-$5,000. For an engagement ring with no real-life person attached, that’s pretty pricey. But if you happen to already have your own person, sporting Bella’s engagement ring would definitely make for a good story.


Bidding has already begun, so if you plan on winning something, you should probably make your way over to the site to check out all the items. Good luck and may be the odds be ever in your favor (oops, wrong franchise)!

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