Believe In Hope

It’s hard not to get the occasional case of the doom-and-glooms. Sometimes it can seem like there’s no possible solution to a problem. That a negative outcome is imminent and, well, we’re screwed. A relationship, the life of a friend, our future, the country’s future, the future of the human race in general – problems can get pretty crippling when they seem to be entirely out of our control. How are we meant to keep on going when everyone agrees there’s something terrible coming our way and there’s no solution in sight? It makes sense that so many drown their brains in beer and television because it’s a lot easier to get through the day when you don’t have to think anymore. Well, for the rest of us – the ones who continue to worry, who consider big scary things and feel crippled by them and not being able to change them – here’s some food for thought.

You have no idea what the future holds. You cannot anticipate or imagine the change that will come in your lifetime. The change in yourself, your beliefs and understanding, or the change in the world’s beliefs and understanding. Picture for a moment a grandparent and what their worldview was as a child. What the world knew of medicine, science, technology, beauty. Picture what was culturally acceptable. Who was discriminated against. What people did on weekends. Why people got married. What was considered pop music. What would you guess they thought the future would be like? What did they say it would be like on the news? I would guess most guesses were wrong.

People change. Dramatically. Just like you will change, so will those you love. How they’ll change is unknown to you and out of your control, but know that they do and will. A person can live many lifetimes based on any number of random factors and how they decide to approach something. A person that seems they will forever be the same can be inspired to make big changes in themselves and their situation. If given the choice between something that makes us happy and something that does not, as unfettered humans we will always choose happiness. We are instinctually inclined toward the positive and good. Just like a stream makes its path around the rocks and trees, sometimes people take a windier path to reach their destination.

Nothing can ever stay the same. With every passing year comes a new wrinkle on your face and with it, a new piece of understanding. Time brings wisdom and discovery. It brings newness and change. And that is totally beyond anything you can see or know, now. You have no idea how you will feel about everything in your life in 20 years. You might be surprised at where you are and what you believe compared to today.

With every new year of life comes an opportunity for acceptance. It gives us more understanding of what is unknown to us, and with that we can unclench our shoulders just a little bit more. Life and unpredictable change inspires us to let go, to be present, to remember that we only live in today. We should never assume that we can mentally time travel into the future. We cannot be there, because we are here: in today. Let go of the things that cannot be known. You and I have no idea what is possible. The future will amaze us and surprise us, in ways we cannot imagine now.

Happy Sunday friends, xox Sarah

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