Being Single in LA Is Different Than Just Being Single

You’ve heard it time and time again. Dating in LA is so hard. How could this be? Isn’t being single, just being single? It doesn’t matter exactly WHERE you are single, you just are. Nay, I say. Nay. Take a gander at the piece written by Richard Rushfield (a Hellogiggles fav!) on Native Angeleno dot com. It’s like, dude cracked the code when it comes to your lonely nights in your ‘swanky’ LA pad…alone. Woofing, and I mean woofing down pho.

You see, Lil Momma (I’m Lil Momma. You’re Big Poppa.) has been single in Los Angeles since 2008 when she willingly decided to let go of the only real man that was good to her. (He was a native from LA. Yes, they exist.) Oh, you heard me correct. I let him go. And, I did it because whelp, I needed “to see what else was out there.” Now, was it a bad move on my end? Yes and no. I did need “to see what else was out there” but in the end, it happened to be a boatload of unemployed dudes with skateboards and uptight balding men that sweat in their suits and have unbearable food allergies. Which in turn led me to never finding a solid comparable to good-guy-dude again.

In the article laid down by Mr. Richard, he basically explains how we are in LA for one specific reason: To be in entertainment. Otherwise, why are you here? The “swanky” apartment that doubles as a closet and triples as a night mare? The booming downtown nightlife that consists of terrifying skid row residents? (No hating, That’s basically where I live. NOT on skid row, but pretty dang close.) Or perhaps it’s all the amazing people you meet while sitting in your car on the 10 interstate for two hours? Is that it?!

JK. I love LA. I mean, I love the entertainment business therefore Lil Momma loves LA. But with the entertainment biz you are only going to run into dudes and dudettes that are basically trying their hardest to live their dream and in the process forget what it’s like to be a good, caring, human with morals and like, a beating heart n’ stuff. Now, is that everybody? Golly I hope not. However, it’s not like sifting to find those small percentage of good peeps is easy. We are all terrified of online dating so we’re basically just waiting for a friend of a friend “to swear that this guy is good” only to have him meet a model named Alexa (pronounced “Ah-LUX-Ah”) and leave you on the side of the road to eat a Pink’s hotdog… alone. (That’s just an example, I am NOT saying that happened).

Is there hope? Sure, if you believe in hope. But, it will first have to start with you accepting the fact that here in LA the dating world is just a little different. Also, stay a good person. I know in this business that means you’ll be flat broke and ostracized as a social leper but the only way to break that stereotype is to, well, Lena Dunham that junk, and break the stereotype. For now, Richard suggests you keep dating. A: Because you’ll have great stories to tell your kid  and B: Well…see “A.”

(Image via Shutterstock).