Behold: The new Snuggie, except for couples

Have you ever wanted to wrap your arms around your significant other, but like, also keep your hands warm simultaneously? So you lift up their shirt and gently place your ice cold hand on their warm skin, hoping they don’t notice. But of course they notice, so they scream out of shock and demand you remove your frozen paws from their naked skin.

Well now there’s a solution to your very real, very relatable first-world problem. A Kickstarter campaign for hoodie sweatshirts with back pockets has raised the funds to start production in July. That means no more cold hands and so much more snuggling, probably.


The creator of Together Wear came up with the idea after he fell in love. He just couldn’t get close enough to his lady love. So he created a sweatshirt that allows for maximum closeness in public situations.

The hoodies, which are designed for cold weather and sporty conditions, will come in zip-up and pullover versions. You’ll even have the option to embroider custom messages — like, “Just Married” or “Just Divorced.” Whatever works for you and bae!

It’s important to note that you don’t have to have a love interest to wear the hoodie. As you can see from this infographic, there are many ways to wear the sweatshirt.


A pair of sweatshirts will cost $300, not including tax and shipping. Worth it? Maybe.

And just in case you need some more ideas of how to wear these unique hoodies, Together Wear created this video. Enjoy and stay warm!