46 things to accomplish before summer ends

Officially, summer ends on September 23—the first day of the autumnal equinox. But let’s be honest, summer feels like it’s over the day after Labor Day. So, with just days of real, honest-to-goodness summer left, it’s time to get cranking on your summer bucket list. If you’re at a loss for what to do to make these final days of the season count, we’re here to help. Here are 47 things you should consider doing before Labor Day.

1. Catch the last outdoor movie for the season

2. Spend one last full day at the beach

3. Find/build a beach bonfire

4. Plan an epic Labor Day party

5. Throw a theme party, and make it creative

6. Go all out with your summer style and invest in some Flash Tattoos

7. Start prepping your fall style

8. Camp out at a state park

9. Let go of your summery cold soup recipes and start looking into warm soups!

10. Start stocking up on cozy pj’s

11. Savor those summer fruits while you still can

12. Throw one last BBQ, with all the grill-friendly foods you’ve been noshing on all summer

13. See an outdoor concert, and leave your jacket at home

14. Look into some winter cocktails, cider-based!

15. Hang out in a book store for an afternoon, just because

16. Have a board game marathon night with friends

17. Put some pastel color into your hair

18. Start making some cozy autumn playlists

19. Binge watch previous seasons of a show that is returning in September or October

20. Try making the wackiest ice-cream flavor you can think of

21. Find one last summer music festival

22. Take a farewell-to-summer road trip to a place you’ve never been

23. Have an outdoor dinner party

24. Scan all your family photos into your computer

25. Go for an early-morning hike, when it’s still misty

26. Buy something to amp up your style at a flea market/craft fair

27. Skate on a boardwalk

28. Start researching neighborhoods known for epic Christmas lights

29. Buy a turntable and start a record collection

30. Have a sushi-making party

31. Start experimenting with fall makeup looks and hair styles

32. Re-organize your closet and pack away those bikinis!

33. Cook a gourmet brunch for yourself or friends

34. Buy a fondue pot and discover all the fun dips to try

35. Have a perfect rooftop gathering

36. Build a fire pit in your yard

37. Float on a pool raft or hang out on a noodle

38. Make the BEST potato salad or pasta salad EVER

39. Read a classic book

40. Go paint-balling

41. Rent a convertible for an afternoon and go for a leisurely drive

42. Have a glam picnic with fancy snacks and cocktails

43. Dress like a flower child for a day

44. Have an impromptu photo shoot with friends

45. Watch a truly terrifying movie with friends and get all freaked out together

46. Go wine tasting

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