This fitness Instagrammer shared “before and after” pics taken the same day to make an important point

We heart body positivity. So, naturally, the body-positive bloggers of Instagram give us ALL the heart eyes. There’s been an amazing body positivity movement taking place on Instagram to encourage women, and everyone, to love their bodies as they are, and many fitness Instagrammers have been accomplishing this goal by posting same-day, before-and-after photos. Body positivity activist Halle just shared one of her own body positivity-inspiring shots, and we’re seriously cheering her on.

Get ready to seriously fall for body positivity babe Halle!

We just loved what she had to say about learning to love her body, no matter what it looks like.

"SAME DAY / SAME BODY, taken seconds apart. So proud to be a natural woman, comfortable in my body."

"👉🏼TO ALL MY LADIES: If you are feeling pressured by society to be on a diet to lose weight, stop it. If you're working out "so you can eat later" stop it. If you're wearing a waist-trainer because you think your waist should be smaller so you will be prettier, stop it. If you are getting plastic surgery "to look better", stop it."

"If you think you need to lose 10 pounds because media is telling you that you should, you don't. If you have rolls on your stomach, it's okay--I do too. 💕"

"Be kind to your body! This body that you were given is the only place you have to live, respect it. Treat it like your best friend. 🌹BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN BEAUTY✔️"

All we have to say is yes, yes, yes, lady!! When it comes to the body positive Instagram accounts you should be following, Halle should definitely be on your list.

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