People are posting before and after pics to show how much puberty really changes you

Have you recently looked at a pic of yourself pre-puberty and gone “Holy smokes, who was that child? I was a completely different person before my period started.”

Join the club, pal. Puberty is one of the biggest game-changers around. And recently, the internet has been having a ton of fun with pre and post adolescence comparisons.

Meet the #pubertychallenge, a hashtag that has been making its rounds on social media that compares side-by-side photos of participants pre and post puberty.

And some of these people have changed SO much they’re basically Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30.

Here are some of our favorite contestants:

Yup, that’s a change all right.

We can’t believe this is a difference of only five years, this guy has a completely different face!

Clearly, everything has changed for this lady.

And this one.

Seriously, she looks like a completely different human! false

This guy underwent some massive changes (FACIAL HAIR!) but we’re glad to see his A+ personal style has stayed consistent.

We love that this lady rocks the same smile, even though she looks totally different!

Also, some super-fans put together some #pubertychallenge side by sides for their favorite celebs and the results are FIRE!!!

Here’s Baby Adele and All Growed Up Adele. false

And here’s Tiny Taylor Swift and Modern-Day Tay Tay, aaaahhhhh SO DIFFERENT. false

Geez, puberty, you sure know how to do a number on a human being.

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