So, we might not be getting that “Beetlejuice” sequel after all

Say it ain’t so! Beetlejuice fans everywhere were rejoicing after a flurry of rumors said that a sequel to the classic 1988 movie was set and ready to go. The rumors even claimed that two of the original stars, Michael Keaton and Winona Rider, were on board to do it. The excitement of seeing our favorite hilarious dead weirdo back on screen had us levitating for joy!


But not long after the rumors went viral, it all came crashing back down. Representatives for Tim Burton, the director and mastermind behind the uniquely strange and fun film, plainly denied that a sequel was in development. And they didn’t deny it in like the cute “maybe they’re just playing with us” way. They denied it by outright saying the film is “not in development,” which is not only hard to misinterpret, but pretty disappointing for so many fans who had excitedly gotten their hopes up.


I guess that’s just another lesson in not believing every rumor you hear. (Which is a lesson we should have known from the very movie itself!)


But who knows? Maybe after realizing how much excitement there was about reviving the classic movie, Tim Burton will reconsider. Maybe, someday, we’ll have our sequel after all!

Until then, we’ll have to just watch the original movie over and over again, say “Beetlejuice!” as many times as possible, listen to the Banana Boat song on repeat, and patiently wait to see if our grotesque hero ever graces the big screen again.