This beer-serving robot will spill your drink before you get too drunk to do it yourself

If it wasn’t already obvious, we seriously cannot get enough of YouTuber Simone Giertz and her commitment to crafting the shittiest of robots. Her latest impressively crap-tastic creation is a robot that’s designed to pour your beer, but insists on spilling it everywhere before you get too drunk to slosh it all over yourself and everyone else.

We’ll start by thanking Giertz for this beer lover’s dream of a gift. Fine, so it’s actually more like the perfect gag gift, but we’re pretty sure inebriated beer drinkers everywhere are probably sipping on their favorite brews, sullenly contemplating why they don’t possess the brilliance to invent something so marvelously ineffective before someone else beat them to the punch.

So, while the envious beer guzzlers mull this situation over, let’s get into how this beer-serving robot doesn’t work.

For starters, it seems a bit pissed about having to do its job.

And is easily the rudest bartender you’ve ever met.

Honestly, this might be the first documented incident of a drunken robot.

Oof. All we have to say is we hope those Keurigs that make beer don’t operate this way or else there will be hordes of angry folks storming the headquarters demanding refunds. By the looks of things, Giertz’s well-meaning beer robot is probably better suited for people who want to experiment with washing their hair with beer, or people like Margot Robbie, who enjoys the occasional beer shower after a hard day’s work.