This type of beer could actually be GOOD for your liver

You know how doctors and scientists have said time and time again that a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart? Or that drinking tequila can actually help with weight loss? And we all know the whole “beer belly” stigma that comes from consuming too much of the beverage — however, if you DO love beer, we have some great news for you!

Scientists have found that hops in beer can actually protect your liver from developing fat in it, which happens when you consume alcohol. If you're unfamiliar with hoppy beers, pale ales are usually the hoppiest.


Researchers conducted an experiment in which they took mice and fed them three different types of alcohol — regular beer, beer with hops, and pure ethanol. Twelve hours after the mice consumed the alcohol, researchers took a look at their livers and discovered that the mice who were fed beer with hops had much less fat in their livers than the mice who consumed regular beer or ethanol.

The study suggests that hops actually “protects against accumulation of liver fat” — so basically, pale ales are the healthiest beer to consume if you’re concerned about your health but don’t want to give up the delicious beverage.


Now, who’s up for a pint after work? More hops, please!