The internet is officially obsessed with pictures of bumblebee butts

Sunny weather brings flowers, and flowers bring, well, bees. And since most of us keep our distance from the buzzing creatures (if not outright run in the opposite direction when we see them), we’ve missed a major detail about these guys. Bumblebees have adorable butts. We’re serious.

And the internet thinks so, too.

Bees are a crucial part of our food chain because they pollinate a ton of the plants we — and tons of other creatures on the planet — eat. This also means they’re often doing deep dives into flowers while on the hunt for pollen and nectar…meaning their butts stick out for all the world to see (no shame in that game!). And because the internet is a magical mystery with a mind of its own, Twitter is suddenly taking notice.

Here are just a few of our favorite tweets featuring bumblebee behinds in all their adorable glory.


Thank you, internet, for introducing us to this adorable and entirely unexpected phenomenon. It’s the gift we never knew we needed.

Of course, we should always remember to enjoy our insect friends from afar. They’re hard at work supporting their bee families/sustaining the global ecosystem. So let’s keep our chill and stick to internet admiration, okay? Bees everywhere will thank us.

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