This little girl was afraid of bedtime. So this sweetheart pharmacy worker made her “monster spray”

Pharmacy technician, Dee Vivian was having a normal day working at Shoppers Drug Mart in Sooke, British Columbia when a dad came into the store with an adorable request. He was designing a bottle of “monster spray” for his daughter, Mya – who was having a hard time getting to sleep at night for fear of creepy crawlies lurking under her bed – and asked if Dee could print a label to make the product look more official.

Not only did Dee oblige, she totally tricked out the spray bottle, covering it with labels to give the illusion that it was prescribed by a doctor. Someone shared a photo of the amazing monster repellent bottle on Reddit, and it’s amazing. “Spray around bedroom at night and before bedtime and repeat if needed,” the instructions advise. One sticker says, “Shake Well,” while another says, “May cause dizziness or drowsiness.” Drowsiness was definitely the goal, so these selections couldn’t be any more perfect.

It’s awesome that a complete stranger took this little girl’s fear so seriously. Sometimes, it can be hard to remember what it’s like to be a pint-sized person with an elephant-sized imagination.

Dee told BuzzFeed Canada that the whole process took less than a minute and she didn’t charge the creative dad – hero status!

Parents around the Internet have put together similar anti-monster spray bottles to incorporate into their youngsters’ bedtime routines. One mom shared a monster spray “recipe” on, revealing that she puts lavender essential oil in her daughter’s “magic” Cinderella spray bottle for two reasons: It’s calming to humans and disgusting to monsters. I mean, obviously. Everyone knows that.

The recipe recommends chanting, “Monsters, Monsters, stay away,” while spraying before bed to ward off both monsters and bad dreams – it’s kind of like light-hearted voodoo.

Does anyone have a recipe for nightmares about paying taxes? Asking for a friend.

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