Bedsider and The Awkward Talk: How to Avoid It

We all know about “the talk,” you guys. Everyone has their horror stories about the first time their parents, teachers, grandparents, or some other awkward authority figure tried to discuss…you know…IT. Is there a smooth way to have that conversation? I don’t have kids, so how would I know?

My mother never had “the talk” with me, though I admittedly brought up sex at one point. I was relatively young and Salt N Pepa had released their famous song called, of course, “Let’s Talk About Sex.” The lyrics meant absolutely nothing to me at the time, but they repeated the word so often that I was naturally curious. I heeded the awesome girl group’s advice and, well, talked about sex. The conversation was short, and I am pretty sure my mother was more annoyed that hip-hop music was the reason I was asking about anything related to knocking boots, but she answered diplomatically. She told me that sex was what made babies, and I am almost certain she left out anything about “when a person loves a person” or anything like that. She most definitely did not cover the bases of how to protect yourself, and to be honest, back in 1991, I am not confident that there was all that much to say.

We are in a beautiful period of time right now, you guys. Besides parents, who are a great resource for any conversation (including ones about sex), we have some strong other options.

Bedsider, that wonderful resource on the worldwide web, has launched new, hilarious commercials about those moments someone makes “The Talk” awkward. Utilizing the tagline, “Not awkward like your ___,” the videos engage us in scenarios in which birth control conversations have taken an awkward turn, proving how not entirely necessary it is to talk about your vagina with your grandmother in order to get the information you want and need. Guess what? There are countless ways to protect yourself from pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections, and Bedsider is one of the resources that can help you through it. They offer not just vital information for a great and healthy sex life, but with hilarious and relatable scenarios as well.

Getting down to business can be awkward. Remember when Ben and Alison (Knocked Up) have sex while she is pregnant and he keeps stopping because he is afraid of bothering the baby? Awkward. Or in Bridesmaids whenever poor Annie has sex with that jerk Ted? Or like…the whole sex scene with Bella and Edward in Twilight? Yeah, I am naming movie sex scenes because as if I am going to tell you about any awkward experiences I have had myself.

But regardless of how hilarious and awkward the horizontal mambo potentially is, the conversation should not have to be.

Though at times it may bring a dog humping your leg at the dinner table to bring up the conversation, it should not always have to be. Are you and your partner aware of all of your options? If not, watch these videos together, laugh about it, share your own embarrassing stories about sexual conversations, and then work together to find what’s best for the both of you.

Bedsider is good at helping you through the awkward. They are there for a reason. Use them, and have a great time afterward.

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