Here’s how you can become a citizen of the first “nation” in space, because the future is now

Looking to make a move soon? Get ready to consider making your next residence in the first “nation” in space.

As Science Magazine reports, an international group made up of “researchers, engineers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs” announced that a new nation has been created in space. The nation, Asgardia, is named after the same city ruled by Odin in Norse mythology (and the same city where Marvel superhero Thor resides).

Though the Asgardia satellite hasn’t yet officially launched, anyone is eligible to sign up for citizenship on the nation’s website. (As of press time, over 85,000 people are signed up). The initiative is led by Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian space scientist and engineer. It came to be after organizers wanted to create a new type of legal framework around space exploration that is peaceful and not restricted by Earth’s laws and regulations.

At a press conference in Paris today, Ashurbeyli said:

"The scientific and technological component of the project can be explained in just three words—peace, access, and protection."

But as awesome as this initiative sounds, don't count on it being legit just yet.

As of right now, there aren’t any concrete plans to send anyone into space, according to PopSci. Asgardia is going to have to over a few more legalities before they can officially declare themselves a separate state. But time will tell what is in store for this first “nation” in space.