Here’s the awesome meaning behind Becky G’s new song

Oh boy. Donald Trump sure doesn’t know what hit him. After he made some truly horrendous comments the other day about Mexican immigrants, the world responded justly. Several networks have dropped him and artists are pulling out of the Miss Universe pageant (owned by Trump) left and right. Now, Becky G has given him her two cents in the best way she knows how: music.

The 18 year old’s new song, “We Are Mexico,” is short and upbeat with a powerful message. It’s about identity and pride, but most of all, is a big middle finger to the Trump. Becky G explained all this on her Twitter:

Later that day, she came back to thank her fans for their support, and to talk a little more about the song’s message:

This is the kind of message America needs to be promoting, not the hateful and ignorant words of this particular President-hopeful. And the song has caught on. Within in the first two hours, it got more that 2,500 retweets. She’s not the only one proud of her heritage and proud of a diverse America. Kudos to Becky for having the courage to speak this truth, and for standing up and fighting in the face of racism.

Take a listen to the song below!

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