Surprise! Beck just dropped a groovy new song

We’ve been teased with audio snippets and tortured with rumors, but it’s finally been confirmed: Beck’s got a 10th album in the works, and he’s just given us a single to prove it.

Beck’s latest jam, “Dreams” comes as the first follow-up to his Grammy award winning album, Morning Phase. Known for his constant reinvention and genre bending ways, Beck’s new track is a slight departure from the folksy feels of Morning Phase.

In an interview with Alt 98.7, Beck revealed that the song “started out as a heavy garage rock thing and became much more of a dance — some other kind of hybrid.” Combining elements of funk, rock, and electronic, the song definitely stays true to Beck’s genre fluidity. It also kinda makes us want to bust a few moves on one of those lit up disco dance floors…preferably in bell bottoms.

While Beck did confirm that “Dreams” will be his first single on his upcoming album, the album is yet to have a title or a release date…not that we’re prying. After all, he did just win a Grammy for Morning Phase four months ago. You can afford to take your time with this one, Beck!

The song is now available for purchase on iTunes, and available to stream below. Happy Monday, everyone!