Becca Cosmetics has a new primer that will make your friends think you Photoshopped your photos

These days it seems that there is no makeup product more highly coveted than those that can give you a Photoshopped look in real life, and now all our favorite brands are coming out with their own versions. For example, BECCA Cosmetics has launched the Velvet Blurring Primer, specifically formulated to help you look like you walk through life with your very own Instagram filter. Take our money, please.

If there’s any brand out there that is committed to giving you perfect looking skin, it’s BECCA. Whether you’re obsessed with their highlighters, their primers, or can’t live without their bronzers, they all help us achieve that flawless skin we desire.

The BECCA Cosmetics Velvet Blurring Primer is now available online for $38.

You’ll be able to catch it in-stores on Friday, August 4th.

The apricot-hued primer is infused with pore-blurring powders that float over the skin and diffuse light, leaving you with a velvety smooth, soft-focus finish.

The Velvet Blurring Primer not only blurs imperfections like acne, but also fine lines, pores, and uneven texture with its liquid-to-powder formula.


Its feather-light formula leaves your skin porcelain smooth while also acting as the perfect canvas, helping your makeup look better and last longer.

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty sold. The universally flattering shade looks like it’s just the thing for creating picture-perfect skin. Head on over to BECCA to check it out for yourself.

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