People are sending Becca from “The Bachelor” wine money via Venmo, because Arie is a JERK

Remember that nightmare you had, where your new fiancé dumped you on TV to make a move on someone you knew? Well, for Becca from The Bachelor, that’s all too real and happened last night during Monday’s finale of The Bachelor. The whole three-hour event was ROUGH for all of us, but downright brutal for sweet Becca. Fortunately, fans of the show are ready to heal her broken heart by sending wine money via Venmo to her actual account.

Yes, Bachelor Nation found Becca’s real Venmo account, and the support has been pouring in since Monday night.

Because what else do you do when you watch someone get dumped by their fiancé on national television? Get drunk, of course. Fans are sending Becca wine money via Venmo, an app that lets you send and receive money regardless of what bank you use. That isn’t all they’re sending, either. One fan wrote that their donation should buy “matches for that damn scrapbook,” complete with a fire emoji to show how serious they were.

In all honesty, ABC should have seen this coming. Arie Luyendyk, Jr. was a weird choice for Bachelor star. He hadn’t competed in a few seasons, and fans weren’t exactly clamoring for his return. The season was lackluster as a result. Still, no one wanted it to end this way. Fans aren’t letting it get them too down, though. In addition to the wine money via Venmo, people are contributing money for cocktails, “guac at Chipotle,” and whatever else they can. It’s all accompanied by encouraging messages from strangers across the country.



Hey, if you’re gonna be dumped on television by a guy you were planning to marry, financial support from strangers isn’t a bad consolation prize.

Arie better watch his back, though. Fans weren’t on his side from the beginning, but to end on a note like this? Hell hath no fury like a Bachelor Nation scorned, dude. So, Becca, wherever you are, know that your bar tab (plus tip) is totally covered by your fans. Have a nice, long cry, and know you’re better off without him. Roses all around. Stay strong, girl.

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