Bebe Rexha’s Money Piece Hairstyle Is an E-Girl’s Dream

You've seen the style before, but never as bold as Rexha's.

After first hopping off the blonde train to hitch a ride on the fire red wagon, Bebe Rexha has now dipped her toes into the world of E-girl dreams. The “Jealous” singer just debuted a bold money piece dye job and yes, yes, and more yes.

The money piece hair trend has come back into fashion in a big way within the past year. Beyoncé debuted a natural honey-toned version in June 2019, and the trendsetters of TikTok adopted the look to fit their ’90s-gone-modern aesthetic.

For those who have seen the trend but didn’t know the name for it, a money piece is a hairstyle that includes face-framing chunks of hair dye or highlights in the front.

Think Stacy London’s iconic gray streaks. Rexha did that, but bolder and brighter.

Rexha actually dyed her red hair at home back in September, ditching her signature platinum blonde for the foreseeable future. It’s unclear if she also did her black money piece streaks at her bathroom sink, but if she did, we hope she puts that video on TikTok.

Rexha is following in the footsteps of Kylie Jenner, who pulled off a brunette-meets-blonde money piece in the spring. Like Rexha’s, her style was split down the center, ’90s mall rat style.

A money piece is definitely a bold statement and takes a bit of guts to pull off. However, because it only requires a small portion of hair, the money piece could be a style for those who aren’t ready to commit to a full head of hair dye.

Then again, if you like what Rexha is up to, you may just have to follow suit and dive in, head first. Grab a tube of Rexha red and get thee to a bathroom vanity. The urge to partake in a quarantine style change is still nagging at us all, so if you haven’t yet, the time to give in is now.

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