Bebe Rexha Clapped Back at a Hater Criticizing Her Dark Under Eyes

Rexha isn't here for your body shaming, thank you very much.

As usual, Bebe Rexha is not here for the body shaming. In a recent TikTok video, a commenter decided to come for Rexha’s undereye circles, and the singer wasn’t having it. Instead, she clapped right back but in the nicest way possible.

In her original TikTok video, Rexha films herself getting the “it” haircut of the moment, a shaggy mullet, from none other than Jen Aniston’s hairstylist Chris McMillan (Yes, the creator of “The Rachel”).

The singer sits in McMillan’s chair barefaced as her hair is transformed into a killer, very rock ‘n’ roll shag, but instead of celebrating Rexha bomb new haircut, one commenter wrote, “Her dark circles jeez.”

That comment was a no-go for the singer.

In a follow-up video, Rexha replied to the comment, pulling her sunglasses from her face to reveal the circles again, looking into the camera, and saying, “I think they’re beautiful.” In her caption, she goes on to explain she loves her dark circles and has had them since she was a little girl.

This is far from the first time Rexha has spoken out about body positivity on TikTok, though. Her feed is basically a smorgasbord of uplifting content.

Back in July, she made headlines for wanting to “normalize 165 lbs.” In the video, the “In the Name of Love” singer wears a lingerie set and walks toward the camera before turning around and showcasing the back of her ensemble. As she does, the screen reads, “How much you think I weigh?” Rexha responds while striking a pose with, “No one’s business.”

But in a cheeky end, she finishes the video with “But let’s normalize 165,” flashing across the screen. Now, it’s clearly time to normalize dark circles, and of course, Rexha is leading the way.

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