Bebe Rexha Showed Off Her Curves on TikTok With an Important Body Positivity Message

Weight is just a number—and she wants you to remember that.

Bebe Rexha has been a longtime champion for body positivity, especially as it pertains to women’s fashion (we all remember Grammygate 2019). In a new empowering TikTok video, the “In the Name of Love” singer is asking viewers to “normalize 165 lbs” and curves. 

The TikTok opens up with Rexha catwalking towards the camera in a blue lingerie set—off the rack of her new capsule collection with Adore Me, seemingly—with Nicki Minaji’s “Good Form” blasting in the background. Across the screen she’s written, “How much you think I weigh?” then does a spin and poses again, this time showing off the back of the lingerie set saying, “No one’s business.” Damn right, Bebe!

With her back still towards the camera, Rexha does a flirty toss of the hair and a quick glance over the shoulder before saying, “Cause I’m a bad bitch no matter what my weight.” In the final few seconds of the video, Rexha stares into the camera straight on while dancing and lip synching to Minaj with “But let’s normalize 165 lbs.” written across the middle. 

Rexha has used her platform time and time again to spread awareness around the societal expectations and pressures placed on all women to look a certain way and squeeze our bodies into certain types of clothing and sizes—and if you don’t fit, it means you’re too big.

Just this past April, she shared a “Thick thighs save lives” video to Instagram, asking followers to proudly flaunt their “real bodies.” She proclaimed, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. THICK. SKINNY. CELLULITE. STRETCH MARKS. FOLDS. SEND ME VIDEOS. NO PHOTOSHOP BULLSHIT.”

Rexha is truly out here doing the Lord’s work and we honestly don’t know what we would do without an advocate like her.

Emily Weaver
Emily is a NYC-based freelance entertainment and lifestyle writer — though, she’ll never pass up the opportunity to talk about women’s health and sports (she thrives during the Olympics). Read more
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