Bebe Rexha’s Instagram About Body Positivity Will Inspire You to Love Yourself

Bookmark her post to read on a down day.

Bebe Rexha is done trying to be “that skinny pop-star.” Rexha took to her Instagram on March 14th to give herself some love and encourage others to embrace the body they have, even if it doesn’t look like the ones they see online or in magazines.

“As much as I tried to be that skinny pop-star, like the ones I grew up watching or see now, I can’t seem to do it in a way that feels natural or healthy,” Rexha captioned her post—a picture that perfectly captures her wicked curves. “I like to eat. I workout. I drink water. I do my best. I follow the rhythm of my body.”

“Even though it gets hard sometimes I show my body love,” she wrote, adding the hashtag #EveryBodyIsBeautiful.

“People paying for what you got!” Tyra Banks commented on Rexha’s post. Chrishell Stause added, “Your curves are everything!!!” And Ne-Yo wrote, “Chill mama. We like all that ’round here! You’re amazing just the way you are.”

Rexha’s fans drove home the importance of self-love in the comments, and thanked her for giving them the reminder that their bodies are incredible. “This is why you’re one iconic woman,” one fan wrote. “You’re always true and always tell us to love ourselves and our bodies…thank you for existing and being so real with us.”

Another follower wrote, “You are literally the person who taught me self love and you are the reason why I can go out and not be ashamed of my body and wear whatever I want.”

We’ll take body-positive influencer over skinny pop-star any day, especially if that body-positive influencer is Bebe Rexha serving pleather-clad lewks and killer dance songs.

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