What it’s like going to BeautyCon for the first time when you’re not a beauty expert

I didn’t wear makeup in high school. If the me from ten years ago was told that she would go to a beauty convention, I KNOW she wouldn’t believe me. That’s me circa 2008 below…see what I mean?


I got lucky in college because I didn’t just find a roommate; I found a best friend. Said best friend was my makeup and hair guru, though I’m not sure she always wanted to be. Just kidding — she loved it! Together, she and I absorbed all the YouTube beauty tutorials we could and of course, discovered Sephora, which truly is JUST LIKE Disneyland!

When I first heard about BeautyCon, I was skeptical and honestly, kind of anxious. I didn’t consider myself that knowledgable about makeup or hair. But, still, I decided to go into it with an open mind. For those not in the know, BeautyCon is an event held in a few major cities and is similar to any convention — but this one’s ALL ABOUT beauty.

To me, though, it was a little bit overwhelming. There were SO many people! It was true madness! This is what happens when major makeup brands sell at 40% off!

In addition to the lines, there were MAJOR FREEBIES!

But, by far, our favorite part of the day was getting our hair done at the Not Your Mother’s hair products booth! There were three stylists (below!) there who had been there since 7 a.m. — but you wouldn’t know it! When I was getting my hair done, my stylist told me how happy it made her to improve girls self confidence!

BeautyCon is also wonderful because it highlights YouTube influencers and celebrities and has panels/tutorials! Actress/producer Ashley Tisdale was onstage talking about her new makeup brand when we happened to stop by.

When things were all said and done, we were exhausted! However, we felt it was well worth it. My anxiety about fitting in with a bunch of models and makeup gurus was unfounded. BeautyCon was all about empowerment and everyone was there to celebrate each other’s beauty…and maybe get a few freebies as well!

Makes me think of that seminal line from My So-Called Life