Using Beautyblender in this creative, off-label way is an A+ hair hack

Makeup lovers know the magic of the Beautyblender all too well. In the blink of an eye, this little pink sponge can help anyone achieve flawless foundation or allow them to contour like a Kardashian. And now, the Beautyblender has proven itself to be an incredible tool when it comes to hair dyeing. London-based hair genius Jamie Stevens has figured out how to use it it in his strobing process for creating perfect ombré highlights.

Stevens cut the Beautyblender in half and used the rounded part of the sponge to apply multiple shades of dye to the model’s hair.

This technique resulted in a cool, multicolored look that seamlessly blends together. “Beautyblender[s] are very soft and absorb the color well…[and] the soft and round edges of the blender [prevent] random splodges,” a salon rep told Refinery29. “It’s ideal for [anyone] that wants to have some l‎ight and life lifted back into [their hair].”

Now makeup artists and hair stylists are going to be fighting each other over this amazing multifunctional tool!

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