#Beautyandhustle is a Facebook community for the beauty-loving power woman

Have you ever wanted to know what sort of beauty look is appropriate for an interview? Maybe you just needed some advice, but didn’t know where to turn. Well, now, women who are looking to bond over their favorite beauty tricks and business tips have a new way to connect with one another — thanks to #Beautyandhustle.

The online community and Facebook group-turned-movement is a safe space where women are able to share whatever they want about business, beauty, and everything in between.

Founded by Shannel Rivera, the group boasts over 23,000 active members who empower one another on the daily, whether that’s by recommending lipsticks or encouraging new career goals.

At #Beautyandhustle, users are able to share, interact with, and support each other with any and all questions related to beauty and business — all in a protected space. Shannel, a self-proclaimed “workaholic,” created the group following her decision to leave her corporate job after a life-altering illness. But thankfully, she saw the silver lining.

Shannel poured her energy into makeup, one of her passions, and created #Beautyandhustle as a safe and supportive space for women to share business and beauty advice with other like-minded ladies.

Shannel even took her inspiring hustle to the first-ever Facebook Communities Summit event on June 22nd and 23rd in Chicago.

Shannel told HelloGiggles,

"I had no idea #Beautyandhustle would take on a life of its own. I started it as a safe place for a few of my makeup-loving friends, and it really turned into so much more. It has created a sisterhood where women can share all stories and have support at all times. #Beautyandhustle is absolutely, 100% a safe and supportive community for all women. We have zero tolerance for bullying and negativity. I dreamed of women inspiring each other, and it has truly come to life with #Beautyandhustle."


As for the future of the group, Shannel hopes that the positive space keeps growing, and continues to give women confidence and hope. The end goal? For little girls to grow up in a culture where women celebrate and support each other, each day. Thankfully, that’s a goal we can all support.

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