Arika Sato
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With YouTube beauty and fashion vloggers taking over the Internet with their relatable content and welcoming personalities, it’s hard to stand out from a sea of people. But if you’re style influencer Arika Sato it’s not hard at all.

Not only does Arika keep it 100 percent real with videos and blog posts about how to *really* make it as a vlogger, but she’s also the mastermind behind an ultra luxe robe line. Plus, she is the definition of beauty and brains. With over 600 thousand Instagram followers, her business as an influencer is growing, but don’t be fooled, Arika also has a Masters in broadcast journalism. Basically, she knows what she’s doing when it comes to media and branding.

She’s a total boss babe and we love a girl who follows Mariah Carey’s philosophy of always being glam. When she’s not sharing her styling tips and tricks, she’s giving us major makeup and fashion inspo.

We spoke to Arika about her first makeup splurge, how Kim Kardashian has inspired her beauty and fashion looks, and what other fun items she’s hoping to create for her retail line.

Hello Giggles: What is the biggest thing you learned running a fashion business while also pursuing your other passions?

Arika Sato: Fashion is ever changing and for myself, I love timeless pieces and things you can still wear 10 years from now, which is why I created the robes! I also wanted to create something that was inclusive for those who really love makeup and not just fashion. A robe is something that is luxurious, glamorous, and something you wear at home. It’s also a garment you wear in preparation for a big event, and I thought it was an item that connected the best of both worlds — makeup and fashion!

HG: Your robes remind me of old Hollywood glamour and classic films, have any Hollywood stars or movies inspired your robe collection?

AS: I love old Hollywood glam! But I never thought of it that way! I always wore silk and satin robes since I started putting on makeup because I thought it was sexy and glamorous. I always saw those white towel robes at hotels and I wanted something thinner and breathable, and obviously a lot more girly!

HG: If there’s one area you’d love to tap into, what would it be? Shoes, accessories, handbags, etc.?

AS: Girl, everything! I would love to expand my lingerie line, go into swimwear, and I want to create shoes that match. I know it’s a bit overly ambitious but that’s the glam life I’ve always aspired to live, so hopefully sooner than later I can start.

HG: What was your first makeup splurge?

AS: I remember spending $150 at MAC Cosmetics and I was shocked — I felt like I spent all my money! I really wanted all the eyeshadows and eyeliners so I had to get them.

HG: What beauty product have you been using the longest?

AS: I have been using MAC Graphblack for the longest time. To me, it’s still the best black smudge-proof eyeliner for the waterline!

HG: What beauty products have you recently recommended to your friends?

HG:Do you think you’ll start a cosmetic line? If so, what products would you for sure have?

AS: I have my false eyelash collab with Lilly Lashes called Arika that I designed. It’s my dream lash and I’m so happy it came to life! I do want to one day create cosmetics but there are so many amazing brands and products out there that I would want to create something that’s not out there yet.

HG: What movies or shows have inspired some of your fashion or makeup looks? For me, it was The Hills and Gossip Girl.

AS: Keeping Up With the Kardashians, especially Kim. She has inspired a lot of my makeup looks!

HG: What fashion and beauty trends do you see happening in 2017?

AS: I think natural looks are coming back — “no makeup” makeup looks are being done on celebs and models. Women wearing oversized menswear and jackets combined with tight clothing has been something that has been popping up with street style, but designers have been using this on runways for decades!

HG: This is just a fun one, but how do you take your coffee?

AS: Black and hot. I don’t like too much sugar or any cream. I just have it plain. I save the calories for my meals!

HG: Lastly, what was the last thing you Googled?

AS: I googled the weather to see what I should wear today. I dress according to the weather. If it’s cold I’m adding faux fur to my outfit!

If you ever wanted to put on false lashes like a pro, Arika is giving us the lowdown on how to apply them correctly on our Facebook Live!

But in the meantime, check out Arika’s Instagram page for makeup and fashion inspo. And if you feel like getting dolled up in a luxe robe, Arika has you covered! Treat yourself to some silky robes on her site, and you’ll probably feel like an old Hollywood star.