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When 22-year-old Alexys “Lex” Fleming was thirteen, she was diagnosed as a type-1 diabetic. Since then, she’s gone on to accumulate a massive YouTube following thanks to her awesome horror and special effects make up tutorials. Throughout her success, including creating her own line of paint and brushes, she never spoke about her diagnosis, until now.

November is national Diabetes Awareness Month, so she decided to come forward in a video called “Draw My Life: My Diagnosis” to speak for the first time about her disease. While drawing on her own body because, of course, she speaks about her personal diagnosis, and debunks some myths about the disease. For instance, no, she doesn’t like candy. Diabetes isn’t actually caused by candy at all. Instead, she blames her disease on a time when she caught pneumonia and dropped down to 90 pounds.

Fleming was only diagnosed when she went to the doctor simply because she didn’t feel well. In fact, she wasn’t experiencing any of the traditional symptoms at all. Stumped, the doctor ordered a blood test, and her condition was revealed.

She goes on to talk about how she adjusted to this brand new life of medication and needles, juggling school with her condition, and battling the misconceptions of her classmates when she had to leave class or stay home sick.

Stress takes a huge toll on diabetes, so to cope with these feelings, Fleming turned to body painting. We’re so happy she did, because now she has over a million subscribers who appreciate her for her art, and don’t judge her by her condition. Her bravery to open up about something that’s clearly been a struggle her whole life is inspiring not just for us, but for anyone who might also be going through the same thing.

(Image via YouTube)