Caralynn Lippo
July 31, 2016 4:36 pm

The 100-layers video craze has been in full swing as of late, and is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. Some (like 100 layers of highlighter) aren’t actually all that intense, while others (like 100 layers of foundation) are straight-up terrifying. Who knew that so many layers of foundation would make you look like a creepy lifelike doll, right? Now, one of our favorite beauty vloggers Jeely is back at it again with 100 layers of face mask. And it is so ridiculously cringeworthy, y’all.

Josefin Lillakas, aka Jeely, is a popular Swedish YouTube vlogger and has been all in on the 100 layers fad since the trend began two months ago. Her first video, 100 layers of mascara, totally blew up because of how hilarious and good-natured Jeely was throughout the video, joking around as she piled on layer after layer of black mascara and wound up looking like she had spider legs glued to her eyelid.

She followed up the mascara extravaganza with foundation, which was both humorous and horrifying. As I watched the foundation layering vid, I couldn’t help but think about what havoc was being wrought on Jeely’s pores, with all that greasy make-up coating her skin and seeping into her face. Apparently, other viewers had the same idea, which directly led to Jeely’s newest video.

Jeely started off her new video showing clips of the “concerned commenters” on her 100 layers of foundation video, who were worrying about the effects of all that foundation on her skin, as Jeely dramatically read them aloud in a voiceover.



Um, these comments are maybe just a *little* bit harsh, but I get the general idea – all of that foundation couldn’t have been good for Jeely’s complexion.

But the vlogger bounced back and took control of these kinda-mean comments in the best way. She used the idea that she’d wrecked her face with 100 layers of foundation to make another video: 100 layers of face mask. Because what better way to vigorously clean out your foundation-clogged pores than with far too much face mask, am I right?

Check out the full video above for all of the hilarious, sticky goopiness. Personally, my nightmares are still haunted by the visual of Jeely pulling at her black rubber mask-like face after layer 100.


Gag. This is honestly like something out of a horror movie.

Keep on rockin’ with your goofy/frightening self, Jeely!