Olivia Harvey
July 24, 2019 7:17 am

Listen: The early 2000s were…a time. It makes us a bit nervous hearing younger generations say that early-2000s fashion, hair, and makeup are all making a comeback. We just grew our eyebrows back—there’s no way we’re plucking them off again! But a new viral challenge making its way around the internet is forcing us to confront our bad fashion and beauty choices. People are giving themselves year 2000 makeovers, and the flashbacks are actually crippling us.

TikTok, the app that took Vine’s place as the new quick-clip, trend-setting platform, is pulling the skeletons out of our closets and making us face who we were 19 years ago.

We’re getting totally one-dimensional foundation, skinny eyebrows, and the brightest blue eyeshadow, and the use of butterfly clips is off the wall. Basically, it’s like we’re transported back to our prom photos, and we’re not sure we’re emotionally equipped.

Each and every of these 2000s makeovers is set to the Britney Spears song “Oops I Did It Again,” because of course they are. Spears and Paris Hilton were early 2000s #goals.

Most of the challenge participants don’t seem to have been alive in the year 2000, so we can understand why they might not be having the same shuddering flashbacks.

The lip liner. We repeat: the lip liner.

Frosted lips! Rhinestoned accessories!

Low-rider hip-huggers! We burned those in our early-2000s purge.

Maybe we didn’t realize it in the moment, but we have agree that the early 2000s were bonkers. We just ask TikTok for this one favor: This is a dangerous game you’re playing. Please don’t accidentally make this style come back in fashion, please.