Elizabeth Entenman
Updated Jun 08, 2016 @ 10:40 am
zosia mamet hair tip
Credit: Taylor Hill / Getty

There’s nothing better than the rush of endorphins you feel after a good workout. But there’s also nothing worse than the sweaty hair situation that comes along with it. It’s nearly impossible to look cute after hitting the gym, but Zosia Mamet has figured out how to pull it off: with a scarf. The actress wears the look everywhere, from hot yoga class to the red carpet.

At Monday night’s CFDA Awards, Zosia donned a red headscarf bedazzled with Swarovski crystals. The look is retro-chic and definitely not typical award show attire, which makes us love it even more. When designer Gigi Burris suggested she wear it, the actress agreed immediately.

Here they are posing on the red carpet together.

When Gigi told me she wanted me to wear this I was so stoked because I do yoga, so my hair is always, like, disgusting when I do that,” Zosia told The Cut. “I put it up in a bun—I have all these fabulous scarves—and then I wrap ‘em up, and it hides all the greasy hair underneath.”

Noted. The next time we go to yoga—or when we’re in between shampoos—we’re totally going to copy this look, crystals and all.