Gina Florio
April 04, 2017 10:52 am

You probably don’t know her yet, but we’re sure you’ll hear her name one day in the future, because Mimi Mbah is a pre-law student who’s as smart and bold as she is beautiful. Mimi responded perfectly to a troll on Twitter recently when he had something rude and pathetic to say about the color of her skin.

First we want you to take a look at Mimi, a student at Montgomery College who’s an aspiring model. Just try not to get immediately swept off your feet. This woman is flawless.

Right?! She is perfection. She’s so stunning that a Twitter account called African Beauties, which celebrates the beauty of black women, shared a few photos of Mimi.

While most people were responding back with nothing but positive encouragement, there was one person who had something nasty to say.

“It [sic] she was lighter, she’d be fire,” they wrote. Ugh. This is the kind of discrimination that women of color face on the daily, but Mimi had the best response.

“No thanks I wouldn’t trade my skin color for the world !” she wrote. Instead of firing back with more hatred, Mimi gave a short and sweet response proving she’s proud of her dark skin, no matter what the trolls out there have to say about it.

Her tweet already has more than 57,000 likes and has been retweeted 21,000 times. People are loving her confidence, and there are black women stepping up and sharing that they’ve experienced similar prejudice.

We’re looking forward to seeing the amazing things Mimi does in the future, because she’s a shining beacon of light for women of color everywhere.