Olivia Harvey
January 31, 2017 2:28 pm
Instagram / Ami Vega

During these uncertain times, it sometimes feels like we have to protest and stand up for what we believe is right with every fiber of our being. From the clothes we wear, to the accessories we pin on our coats or paste on our cars — we’re avidly trying to spread a message. Helping this cause is manicurist Ami Vega, who’s designing some woke social change-inspired nail art in her Manhattan nail studio. Her creations may be small, but their detail packs a punch.

Alongside her more beautifully whimsical nail art, Vega also creates designs that praise the positivity of Black Power, feminism, and gay pride, to name a few. Her artistic skill and ability to work with such small canvases is beyond magic. But the uniqueness and badassery of the social commentary Vega works into her nails is what sets her apart from the rest.

For example, Vega created these Black Power nails that we are absolutely all about.

She also painted some pro-Black Lives Matter nails that keep the message going strong.

These feminist nails would be cool AF to wear to the next Women’s March.

One recipient of Vega’s art carried her fave feminists with her on their fingertips.

Vega shows her support for women’s reproductive rights via nail art.

And these nails that Vega painted for Pride are perfect for every day of the year.

Finally, let’s just throw some girl boss-related nails into the mix because, why not?

We recommend that you head over to Ami Vega’s Instagram page and like every single one of her photos. She’s protesting and sharing social messages the best way she knows how, and is kicking butt doing it.