We’re well into winter now and that means a lot of things. It means the holidays and time off school. It means beautiful snowfalls and awesomely fun snow days and, of course, lots of winter treats (hot chocolate, anyone?). But it also means some common, but season-specific beauty struggles. Don’t worry though; these situations are easy to fix (and avoid all together) if you’re prepared for them. Here are four of the most common winter beauty problems you might run into — and how to solve them.

Not waterproofing your makeup:

Although you may not be going for a swim in the middle of January, the cold tends to cause your nose to run and your eyes to water. This can result in runny eye makeup and smeared or worn foundation around your nose and mouth. To prevent this from happening, make sure to set your makeup with a setting powder or spray. You can also invest in waterproof eye makeup to ensure that you don’t look like you’re crying every time you leave the house.

Using foundation on dry/flaky skin:

It might seem like a no-brainer to keep using your foundation as usual, but applying to dry skin means your face will actually look like it has foundation on it — which is definitely not the goal. When applied correctly, your face makeup shouldn’t even be noticeable at first glance. When your skin becomes dry in the winter, it tends to flake, meaning that when foundation and concealer applied to it will stick onto the flakes — and look chunky and thick, not natural. To solve this problem, gently exfoliate your face every night to rid your skin of flakes; pair that with a nice moisturizer and your skin with stay smooth all year long.

Cracked skin:

After taking a few too many scalding hot showers to attempt to escape the cold, and forgetting to moisturize more times than you can count, odds are that you’ve experienced cracked skin more than once. You’re also probably cringing at the thought of cracked skin, and frankly I don’t blame you. It can be bloody and painful, which no one wants, so it’s important to do what you can to prevent it. Again, a huge solution to this issue is to moisturize. During the winter, everything is dry — the air and your skin. When moisturizing, it is important to try to use natural products because added fragrances can dry your skin out even more. I would recommend a product with milk, to help ensure soft skin with a lessened chance of irritation.

Chapped lips:

Here’s another issue most people cringe at. Chapped lips can be arguably worse than cracked skin on your elbows or feet because they’re visible literally all of the time, and our mouths are almost constantly in use. Although exfoliation might sound painful, it seriously needs to be done. Using a new toothbrush, one with bristles that aren’t too hard, gently buff your lips in order to remove some dead skin and flakes. When your done, apply a moisturizing lip balm and call it a night. Chapped lips can also be prevented very easily; by buffing your lips before they begin to flake, they’ll never get to a point when they’re overly dry.

(Image via Shutterstock.)