Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated August 15, 2017
Winky Lux

If you’re looking for some makeup that is cute-as-hell and super convenient, look no further than Winky Lux’s new Mini Lip Pill Kit. These tiny lipsticks will satisfy your need for adorable makeup while also being just about the best idea for on-the-go beauty we’ve ever seen. You’ll feel just as glamorous as Neely in Valley of the Dolls, minus the actual substance issues.

Winky Lux is taking its famous Matte Lip Velour formula and putting it in a pint-sized package. You won’t be sacrificing quality for style, that’s for sure. You can rest easy knowing that these little guys are just as well made as a full-sized lipstick from their collection.

Winky Lux Mini Lip Pill Kit is now available for $16.

Winky Lux

That’s about as reasonable as it gets for five different lipstick shades.

Winky Lux is on a mission to veer away from traditional retailers to offer a luxury makeup experience at affordable prices. All the brand’s products are paraben- and cruelty-free and produced sustainably with non-toxic ingredients. That in itself is a good enough reason to check out all its products.

The Winky Lux Mini Lip Pill Kit features five of the brand’s best-selling shades.

Winky Lux

It includes Meow, a pink-toned neutral; Pippy, a warm pink; Heart, a classic red; Royal, a warm-hued purple; and City, a deep plum.

Toss them in your bag, no matter how small it may be, and go on about your day. Each lipstick is only one inch long! That’s just too cute. And these shades are perfect for fall, and wouldn’t they make the sweetest gift for your beauty-obsessed friend? Head on over to Winky Lux and give them a peep for yourself.