Chelsea Duff
July 31, 2016 10:17 am

You know how your mom always told you to pop a little toothpaste on your zit back when you were a teenager? Well, it turns out that mom isn’t right about everything… and this is one tip she definitely got wrong!


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Although toothpaste does have certain ingredients like baking soda and witch hazel that’ll dry that zit right out, it turns out that is actually not such a good thing.

According to FutureDerm, Dr. Leslie Baumann explained in her book Cosmetic Dermatology that other toothpaste ingredients, namely sodium lauryl sulfate, “[strip] the natural lipids from the skin, disrupting the barrier and rendering it more susceptible to external irritants.”

So sure, a little Crest might dehydrate your pimple… but it’ll dehydrate your skin with it, leaving it even more vulnerable than before, and potentially leading to even more zits or damage down the road.

The better bet? These products which are actually designed with acne in mind.

If you absolutely can’t resist and think it’s worth a possible infection (don’t do it!!) You can even try popping it. Just make sure to follow these instructions from dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Benabio to make sure you do it right.

So next time you go to slather on a face full of Colgate, think again… and put that toothpaste to better use somewhere else.