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Wet n Wild Cavern Collection
Credit: Courtesy of Wet n Wild, HelloGiggles

There’s something about spring that just makes things feel more magickal, which is why Wet n Wild’s newest launch couldn’t have come at a better time. The brand just launched its Crystal Cavern Collection, a 15-piece collection inspired by—you guessed it—healing crystals.

The collection is themed around four different crystals: rose quartz, which represents love, amethyst, which symbolizes balance, clear quartz, which signifies healing, and jade, which will bring prosperity into your life. (Sign us up for all of those, baby.)

Credit: Courtesy of Wet N Wild

We at HelloGiggles were lucky to get our hands on this gorgeous limited-edition collection first and can confirm that this is one launch you’re not going to want to miss—whether or not you’re obsessed with crystals. The shadows and highlighter are especially gorgeous, and we’ve been wearing the rose quartz perfume nonstop.

You can find the Crystal Cavern Collection for purchase now on the Wet N Wild Beauty website, and the line will be hitting mass retailers soon.

Perfume Roller, $5.99

For the first time ever, Wet n Wild has come out with fragrances. These perfume rollers come in four options. There’s Rose Quartz, which has notes of fruit, nuts, and coconut; Amethyst, which has top notes of citrus and melon; Clear Quartz, which also has notes of citrus and melon, and finally, Jade, which smells like lemon and melon.

Brightening Rocks, $6.99

This cool vegan highlighting powder is made up of light-diffusing pearls. Each rock does something different: the white rocks brighten, green neutralizes redness, pink will help with dark spots and circles, and purple will bring dull areas back to life. So, when people ask you about your “magic rocks” you can refer to these, too.

Mega Glo Eyeshadow Trio, $4.99

These compact eyeshadow trios will easily fit in your purse, and come in the four different crystal options. Perfect for summer travel.

Mega Glo Lip Gloss, $3.99

With summer on the horizon, the gloss trend is far from over. These are made with pearl pigments, sunflower seed oil, virgin passion fruit seed oil, argan oil, and vitamin E, ensuring enough moisture to keep your lip gloss always poppin’.

Mega Glo Highlighter, $4.99

Glow like an ethereal being with this highlighter that’s infused with micro-fine pearls.

Mega Glo Face Mist, $5.99

Can’t forget the face mist! This one is infused with calming lavender, rose water, and more to help refresh your skin in the middle of the day or set your face beat.