Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Apr 05, 2017 @ 12:48 pm
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We all have the friend who eats nonstop junk and still manages to have great skin and metabolism, while others practically forage their food from freshly-sourced gardens and still get sick all the time. So, what gives?

What foods and supplements can help boost our immune system and physical beauty, despite all our genetic predispositions? Unfortunately, there is no magic bushel of berries that will transform us into a reincarnation of Cleopatra and permanently immunize us from cancer. However, there are key natural foods and plants for beauty that will boost our health while affirming our sweet, sweet vanity.

In order to get an expert’s opinion, HelloGiggles talked with the author and nutritionist Jonny Bowden, who has a PhD in holistic nutrition and has written books specifically tailored to smarter eating.

During our conversation, he emphasized the most effective beauty ritual: eating an anti-inflammatory diet,

While chatting with us, Bowden had plenty of useful snack and supplements for fighting inflammation and promoting the regeneration of cells, including the tropical-sounding plant, Ahiflower. He said,

You’ll feel as majestic as this beautiful dog when you start taking Ahiflower.

But what about those of us carnivores who love a juicy steak? Is there hope? In short, yes. The world of spices is full of antimicrobial properties that help boost our immune system and keep our skin and metabolism effervescent (we’re reaching for the stars here).

Bowden shared which spices are best for beauty, so you know what to grab from the spice rack next time you’re cooking,

He continues: “Pepper is great in oils and scrubs because it increases blood flow. My favorite is Turmeric, which is actually such an amazing spice, the only thing about Turmeric is it’s really hard to absorb. You’d have to use a ton, so for that, I use a supplement to get the anti-inflammatory values and the one I like is Terry Naturally.”

You heard the man, it’s time to let the spices rain down on your beautiful body.

If you’re as into your beverages as we are, Bowden shared that green tea is not only a top-shelf option for drinking, but it can also be made into a face mask.

He said:

Now you can brew up a pot with the knowledge that you’re becoming even dreamier.

While all of these foods, spices and supplements boast great health and beauty benefits, Bowden made sure to remind us how important it is to sleep, manage stress, and drink enough water.

He said, “We don’t get enough deep restorative sleep in this country, and that will age your skin faster than anything else I can think of. Also, stress hormones add belly fat, they inflame our bodies, not managing or reducing our stress is our biggest beauty problem. Even deep breathing for four or five minutes a day, or taking a short walk in greenery, or anywhere you can see some greens will lower your stress hormones and get you back in metabolic balance. People don’t spend enough time addressing sleep and stress and WATER. No one is drinking enough water, and your skin is going to look horrible if you don’t drink enough water.”

FINE, we’ll drink some water and go to bed, eventually.

Be sure to stop by Jonny Bowden’s website for more health research findings, information on the books he’s written as well as updates on his very busy life!