Whitney Levine
Updated Feb 26, 2015 @ 12:37 pm

Let’s talk about my current musical obsession, George Ezra. He is a tall fella with a voice deeper than any philosophical conversation I’ve ever had. He’s a 21-year-old Brit from Bristol and if you’ve seen his Instagram, you just understand his serious love for Harry Potter. Oh yeah, he’s also a star in the U.K and is contributing to the music world with a sound like no other. Come stateside, George Ezra, we beg.

George took the stage last night at the Brit Awards and just reconfirmed all the reasons why we love him. He sang his hit “Budapest” and made singing in front of bajillions look like a walk in the park. Oh, he was also nominated a-plenty last night and is a serious new staple on the British music scene. If you haven’t fallen head over feet for George yet, don’t worry, you soon will.

Here are just a couple of the reasons why he’s totally won my heart, and why he shall win yours too.

His album. I could easily listen to the soulful sounds of Wanted on Voyage for hours on end. His most popular single, “Budapest,” never gets old and his voice will leave you in a trance. Whether it’s his song “Barcelona” or his track “Breakaway,” (wait, never realized they all started with ‘B’ before) they all have an underlying and oh-so-beautiful message.

His artistry. One of the reasons why his music is so powerful is because of how relatable it is; it’s personal and for many, will be a comfort when it comes to love, desire, or moving on. Aside from his old-soul-style voice, there’s also something tremendously gorgeous about the obvious chemistry he has with his band. The vocals and the instruments always blend so smoothly, that it’s impossible to imagine one without the other.

His style. I don’t mean how he dresses, although he is one pretty stylin’ guy. What I mean is his voice and musical style, which are both great. His voice basically sounds like how chocolate tastes. I have never heard a voice that deep sing so softly and beautifully. He’s also got a folky, Bob Dylan aura to him imbued with a ton of heart and a lot of soul.

His cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” If you haven’t, do yourself a favor and listen to him cover Cyndi Lauper’s, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” You’ll thank me later.

Also, if he ever grows tired of the music industry, at least he has that Disney princess collection to fall back on.

Take a gander at George Ezra. This is my promise to you: He won’t let you down.

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