watercolor eyeshadow
Credit: dazzledbybeauty9515/

It’s spring time! So that means we want our makeup to look bright, unique, and cheerful! Luckily, a new beauty trend has arrived. If you want your eye makeup to create the look of a mermaid or a beautiful painting, watercolor eyes is for you!

This is look gives you an airy and colorful look and is also perfect for embracing your inner artist. You can also pump up the color to add more intensity. It doesn’t matter if you like metallics, pastels, or all of the colors. You can create a watercolor look that is unique to you. And the end result will be nothing short of artistic and fabulous.

Get your (makeup) brushes ready – here are some ideas to get your started.

1Embrace your inner rainbow.

Why not use all of the colors of the rainbow? This combines an array of colors, matching almost anything. So your eyes will be sure to pop!

2 Splatterpaint.

Add some neat depth with some tiny dabs of eyeshadow. Adding this over your watercolor transforms your makeup into an abstract, textured painting.

3Spring into color.

This mixture of color reminds us of rainy days. Snuggling in with a book and a cup of tea. Purples and blues are perfect for spring, and can add a dramatic flair to any look.

4Embrace the sea.

Make people swim in your eyes. These metallic colors mixed with the blue remind of us relaxing by the ocean or the the pool. We’d dive into this look, and it’s perfect for getting in touch with our inner mermaids.

5Pastel party.

Pastels aren’t only for Easter. The holiday may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to retire the pastels. This is perfect for any picnic or springtime party.

6 Create your own galaxy.

We love the use of purples and pinks with white mascara! It will definitely look like you have stars in your eyes. This look makes eyes are the center of the universe, which they should be.

It’s time to get creative! Now that the weather is getting warmer, this watercolor eye trend is perfect for any style. No matter what you use, you’ll always look like a work of art. If we could hang this look up in an art museum, we totally would.