Souzan Michael
Updated May 22, 2019 @ 3:08 pm
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Washing Machine
Credit: Amazon, HelloGiggles

If getting ready to go out is the best part of the weekend (listening to music, catching up with friends, and swapping makeup tips and tricks—what’s not to love?), then cleaning your makeup sponges is definitely the worst. While we can’t live without our blending sponges, we could definitely live without the dreadfully boring washing experience.

Enter: this mini washing machine available on Amazon for only $11. Makeup artist and influencer Tiffany Lynette Davis recently posted a video of the machine in action that went totally viral.

To be clear, cleaning makeup sponges isn’t its intended use. The blogger told HuffPo that it’s a children’s toy she originally bought for her dollhouse, but she put her sponges in it, just for fun.

After her video went viral, Davis took to YouTube to post a full review of the tool, which, surprisingly, wasn’t as glowing as we expected. “Would I recommend this for everyday use? No,” she says. “Like I said, this is a toy. This is not a beauty blender or makeup-sponge washer.”

Welp. If you’re still interested in trying the machine, head to Amazon and give it a go.