Bren Lee
Updated May 18, 2016 @ 4:18 pm
Credit: YouTube

Achieving perfectly shaped, voluminous, and bouncy curls can take some effort — and more often than not, heat styling. However, curls can be achieved without having to plug in your curling wand or flat iron. It just takes some creativity and a few household items. We’ve seen girls use bobby pins, bubble wrap, paper towels… and now, balloons.

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Cosmo came across Tina Lee, the beauty blogger behind Makeup Wearables, who actually uses balloons to shape her perfect curls. That’s right: balloons. Apparently we’ll try anything once to get the heatless curls of our mermaid dreams, and if it works, we’re into it. As Tina Lee herself admits, it’s definitely a weird hack, but it is totally effective. She demonstrates the method in a YouTube video, and it actually seems pretty easy.

All you need are balloons and pins.

Step 1: Make a high ponytail.

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Step 2: Blow up a balloon about halfway, so it’s not too large and you can manipulate the shape.

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Step 3: Twist a section of your hair around a balloons, securing with bobby pins. Repeat until you’ve secured your whole mane. You can try sleeping with them (careful!) but you’ll need to leave them in for at least a few hours.

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But, we must say…the results are beautiful, no?

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Check out the full video here. And let us know how it goes if you try this fun hack out!