Credit: Pixabay

The best place to go for GIFs of incredibly awesome hair inspiration? Reddit, probably. And Reddit (and user “Achoo_Gesundheit” in specific) totally delivered today, after posting an incredible photo of hair that literally changes before our very eyes.

Watch and observe.

Credit: Reddit

Seriously. It’s mesmerizing and totally flawless. And it’s the perfect inspiration for those who can’t decide whether to stick with a brunette color, or switch over to a bright summer blonde. Elle refers to it as “top deck hair,” and it’s probably the best way to describe it — one color dominates the top, and the bottom is something totally different. Magic!

Of course, Reddit responded to this amazing GIF in a hilarious way.

Credit: Reddit

That free sample line idea is definitely giving us some ideas…

2016 has been an incredible year for hair in general — we’ve seen mermaid hair, rainbow bangs, dip-dye, and so much much. It seems like a lot of us are embracing fun colors and hues. One of the great things about top deck hair? It’s the perfect way to keep things office-professional, while still being able to release your inner wild child.

After watching this GIF a billion times, you might just want to make a spontaneous hair appointment with your stylist. We can’t blame you.