Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Aug 04, 2016 @ 2:04 pm
YouTube / Nabela Noor

By now we’ve all heard of the 100 layer challenge. From face masks, to Kylie Jenner’s lip kit, to a hilarious full face, we’ve seen dozens of beauty vloggers putting their own twists on the contest. But this vlogger put a totally unique spin on things by layering 100 bindis.

Nabela Noor just had to try the challenge, so she figured she’d go with something she is passionate about: bindis. At first, Nabela confessed she was a little sad about losing her bindi collection, but she laughed it off and realized it would be fun see if this was even doable.

“This is the ultimate sacrifice. Do you know how much I love collecting bindis? This is, like, emotional.”

YouTube / Nabela Noor

Talk about commitment! We felt the same way watching people use super expensive makeup to do the challenge. So thrilling! But so sad, too.

“I’m so sorry you’ll never get worn to a beautiful wedding.”

YouTube / Nabela Noor

We’re so sorry, too! They’re so stunning. We love the variety of colors.

“No! It won’t stay on.”

YouTube / Nabela Noor

Oh no oh no oh no!

“Okay, so I wasn’t able to get past 80 bindis on my forehead. Honestly, I’m so proud I got this far.”

YouTube / Nabela Noor

We’re proud of you too, Nabela! Also, her makeup is *so* on point. Off to see what she’s doing when she’s not stacking dozens of bindis on her forehead!