Lourdes Avila Uribe
Updated September 08, 2016 1:51 pm
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

If you’re like me, then you’ve been worshiping at the altar of Elizabeth Taylor since the first time you laid eyes on her in the film, National Velvet.

I used to fall asleep wishing I would wake up with Taylor’s violet eyes, each with two rows of eyelashes (a most fortuitous genetic mutation!) She epitomized old Hollywood style — effortlessly glamorous and chic. I would stay up late watching her movies on TCM every summer (as all children do, right?) trying to memorize every movement she made, in the hopes of replicating them and one day being just as mysterious and sexy as was. Spoiler alert: didn’t happen.

So, when a video of her silently, yet ever so poetically, putting on eye makeup made it’s way online, I knew it would be more than my tiny brain could handle.

Look at how she uses a single, tiny brush to put on an entire eye’s worth of makeup!


It looks like the kind of brush that comes with a small, drugstore shadow. It would be an ineffectual mess in my own shaky paws.

Liz touches up her eyeliner, effortlessly making it into a dramatic cat-eye without the aid of a traditional liner.


WHO CAN DO THIS? It’s impossible. I’ve passed on.

Giving the camera the tiniest of cheeky glances, she swipes a pale eyeshadow on her lids, knowingly highlighting the inner corners to brighten and open her eyes up despite that dark liner. Oh, need some depth? No problem, Liz just swipes a dark shadow into the creases of her eyes, deepening and enlarging the appearance of her eyes.

In a world where contour is king and those of us with less than stellar makeup skills often feel left out, it’s a nice reminder that even with the simplest of tools and in under a minute, you can turn the glam ON.

There is nothing left in the world, only Liz’s eyes.


Watch Liz on a loop, here: