Finding a signature scent is tricky business — and with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to find “the one.” Luckily, Victoria’s Secret is here to help.

Starting October 6, the lingerie company is launching the VS Fantasies Fragrance Studio: An in-store “station” that allows shoppers to mix and match Victoria’s Secret’s signature body mists to their heart’s content. Discovering the perfect combo of floral/spicy/woodsy/flawless has never been easier: Along with all of their tried-and-true fragrances, the brand is also introducing five new scents for shoppers to experiment with — and we’re totally in love.

“The fragrance studio is about pairing and creating something new that is uniquely yours,” VP of product development Mark Knitowski told Cosmopolitan. “It’s about playing to make different fragrances for different moods.”

Sometimes, you want to be able to mix it up without straying too far from scents you enjoy; and layering scents is the perfect way to give a new fragrance a try. While you can’t actually buy mixed versions of the body mists, shoppers can test out multiple scents on paper blotters (or, of course, on their skin) and see what combinations they like best before committing. The scents are all reasonably priced, and designed to pair perfectly together no matter the combo you choose. Whether you’re more of a Love Spell or Coconut Passion girl, the world is your oyster.

“The concept and tagline here is ‘Mix two, make it you!'” Knitowski said. “We want her to know that there is something for everyone and you can personalize your scent not only by layering them, but by mixing up the order in how you layer them.”

Of course, layering scents isn’t a VS-exclusive thing — but nonetheless, we love that the brand is promoting a little creativity in the fragrance world. If you’re in the market for a scent that’s uniquely you, this option definitely seems like a fun starting point.

(Images via Victoria’s Secret.)