We ladies know that our purses can get a little cluttered. And celebs do, too. At least some of them. Because Vanessa Hudgens admitted that she carries 20 of a certain beauty product in her purse at all times!

From all our essentials to those piles of receipts, it can be kind of a jungle in there. But we were relieved to hear that we’re not alone with our purse overload.

Vanessa Hudgens admitted that she carries 20 different lipsticks with her at all times.

Vanessa said that when she’s not feeling 100%, she puts on a bold lip to brighten her day. And we totally get that. We always turn to lipstick to quickly jazz up your look.

And we have to say, we admire Vanessa’s killer lip color game.

And Vanessa’s spreading her love of confidence-building beauty as an ambassador for EcoTools #MyTrueBeauty.

According to the EcoTools website, Vanessa helps inspire women to find their true beauty. And we think that’s awesome, because Vanessa has clearly found hers. Thanks to her incredible spirit and her arsenal of lip colors.

We’re glad to hear that Vanessa shares our makeup habits, but her reasons are so empowering. She makes us feel like maybe we need a selection of power lip colors to add to our bags.