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Get ready for a new vice.

Cult makeup favorite Urban Decay just announced a new palette – the Vice 4 – on Instagram, and the Internet is rightfully freaking out.

While we don’t know much about the palette just yet, we sifted around for clues, and found a pretty major one.

Wende Zonmir, a founding partner of the brand, posted a picture of her swatch-coated arm with the caption, “Since eyeshadow is my Vice AND I’m in Las Vegas, what better time to send out a sneak peek of the latest Vice Palette?”

The swatches show a fabulous array of highly-pigmented neutrals, metals, blues, and even a shocking magenta hue. Some are sparkly. Some are matte. All are totally gorgeous.

If you remember, the Vice 3 palette came out last year, causing considerable ballyhoo among beauty product junkies. As someone who needs to take baby steps with risk, I loved that it had plenty of neutral taupe, beige, and gold colors with the option to layer on the more daring colors like “Dragon” (a bright green shimmer) and “Bondage” (a burgundy shimmer), which is surprisingly wearable as a pop of color in the crease.

But who are we kidding? Any time Urban Decay comes out with a new palette, be it a new Naked or 2013’s pressed pigment palette, it’s newsworthy (and, of course, splurge-worthy).

In terms of pricing, no official word yet but for reference all of the Naked palettes are $54 and the previous Vice palette is $60. This may sound steep but for the amount of colors you get, this is for real worth it.

No deets yet on when the latest installment of Vice comes out, but when it does, it’s going to be a beautiful day.

[Images via Instagram]